Where’s the party?

On an island, a mountain resort, a boat, a carousel, at the beach, in a casino, a local hotel?

In addition to great music and entertainment, we can also help you find the perfect place for your next event. Tell us what you are looking for and we can provide suggestions.

We can even meet you at the venue for a design time to discuss how the venue and our entertainment can make your event a true success.

Venue Request.

Questions? Call or reply anytime. 623.738.6526

Thank you for celebrating with The Party Favers.


Corporate Events

My Music Your Ears

Listen to my music live on the big stage. Join me at Boston where it all began, where my dreams became a reality and my life was changed. This is it!

Opening Number – Rusty Clowns

Rusty clowns opens for us with their iconic music that will knock your socks off. This line-up will blow your mind and definitely set you up for a night you won’t forget.

United We Stand

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