For the last 5 years Scott Faver, owner of The Party Favers, has built a reputation in the professional disc Jockey community as The Game Master. He has taught 1,000’s DJ’s across the United States how to successfully perform interactive games at Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, and other events.

He is the moderator of the Interactive DJ Forum on the Mobile Beat forums and hosts a weekly chat for DJ’s to discuss interactive events.

Scott’s specialty is creating personalized interactive games, dances and activities to match your theme and personality- To make your event fresh and unique. Distinct from last week’s event, dissimilar than your friend’s, and one of a kind, just like you!

Here is a standardized list of suggested games. Some you may recognize. There are many more to choose from. Plus the new games Scott will create specifically for your celebration.

Game Name

A Dream To Build On Better Or Best \ 7up\Pepsi Cola
Bunny Hop Chicken Dance
Conga Crazy Chairs
Dance Contest Drinking Contest
Freeze Dance Game Show Musical Chairs
Hand Jive Hokey Pokey
Huggy Bear Hula Hoops
Human Scrabble Karaoke \ Lip Sync
Limbo Line Dances
Mummy Musical Boys
Numbers Stackers
Stuff It The Clothes Race \ Get Naked
The Kissing Game The Spoon Dance \ Race
Time Warp Word Association