The Game Master
Scott Faver, The Game Master, is nationally renowned for creating fun, unique, personalized, interactive and entertaining games. 

He’s the DJs trainer for interactive games, with a series of training DVDs. 

Scott is also a regular speaker and trainer at national conventions and the premier choice for many large party planning companies to run games for their events.

Fun for everyone
Games for the kids and \ or for the adults.  Or the best of both worlds – Some games for the kids, some for the adults, and others for both.

Allowing the adults and the kids to interact together.

All games are created to be fun and entertaining for adults and children; for those who want to participate as well as for those who like to watch.

A shared family experience that will make memories, and build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Physically challenged
Through personalization we can create fun interactive games for the physcially challenged to allow everyone to participate.

Most of our games are designed for group interaction. Focus is placed on the joy of the game, not on who won or lost.

The idea is to build team spirit and group comradery, without leaving anyone out.  The result is everyone is a winner.

Get a return on your picnic entertainment investment by adding Infortainment to your games. 

In addition to fun, together we can make this a learning experience that will result in improved employee performance.